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For the proper handling and solids, storage tank is essential, Daelim Boiler design and manufacture storage tanks using high quality raw material, and customers’easy operation.


Equipment for removal of air & gases from boiler feed water, prior to supply water to the boiler.

For maximizing hot water supply. DAELIM boiler apply the special heat transfer method utilizing process steam and/or medim hot water

A pressure vessel containing water and/or steam which is used to store the heat of steam for use at a late period and at some lower pressure.

The pollution problem is getting severe day by day.
Daelim researched for many years to improve the efficiency of the dust collector.
Dust collector is designed for coal and wood firing boilers to collect even most minute particles during combustion, and is specially designed to cope with the uncombustibles in combustion gas.

Daelim design and perform the piping works for boiler room and plant process, considering minimum pressure loss, heat loss, and thermal stress.

Daelim design and manufacture Economizer with high technology to utilize waste heat by transferring heat from flue gases to warm boiler’s feed water.

For proper drafting balance and minimizing dust to the air, stack is essential to the boiler palnt, Daelim boiler the proper stack for the each installation site considering flue gas, plant lay-out, wind and seismic factor